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Sampar Oo Orange is a still, refreshing soft drink with a smooth and fruity taste. High level of vitamin- C and Citric Acid in Sampar Oo orange helps to protect cells from oxidized stress so as to give you a super boost of goodness to support your everyday well-being. It is best served chilled for maximum refreshment in any occasion


Lychees are referred as alligator strawberries due to their exterior appearance while their delicious taste and chewy bits have gained the popularity in South East Asia. Get your taste buds tingling with our sweet and Lychee-licous flavour soft drinks that will lure you to come back for more.

Energy Drink

Our Energy Drink helps to rejuvenate, rehydrate and restores your body’s energy while balancing between your day-to-day activities and exercises, work or fun night outs with your friends. This drink is best suited for athletes whilst doing sports, students whilst taking lectures, gamers whilst playing video games and anyone whilst working hard. It is also an ideal top-up for both cocktails and alcohol drinks.