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Orange Drink

Enjoy this mouthwatering best orange juice. It is excellent source of vitamin C, Delivering refreshing taste experience which will definitely satisfy you. This rich sweet and fruity juice is the ultimate treat after a heavy meal. You know you will need this refreshing juice to get rid of greasiness!


Lychee Drink

Lychee is soft and pulpy white or pink in color. The most significant nutrient in Lychee is Vitamin C and this fruit have more than 100% of daily requirement ascorbic acid in a single serving. Lychee helps you to boost your immune system as vitamin C is major antioxidant compound and it’s known to stimulate the activity of white blood cell.


Lemon Drink

Rich in flavor and Texture, Lemon juice is best in quality and praised by the customers due to purity. It’s made with best ingredients, drinking a glass of lemon juice is not only refreshing and delicious but provide numerous health benefit.