U Maung Maung Oo (Victor)
Founder and Managing Director of Sampar Oo

The main business activity of Sampar Oo Company is to provide safe and reliable products to consumers. Being a local manufacturer in beverages for more than five years, Sampar Oo company is well established and knowledgeable in this field. Besides, Sampar Oo always tries diligently corporate with other local beverage brands to build a strong sense of safe and reliable local beverage products and to live up to the promise of the healthy beverages for consumers in Myanmar. Our consistency in both quality and reliability increases consumers’ confidence in ‘Made in Myanmar ‘beverages- especially the ones from Sampar Oo. All the internal stake holders of the organization are actively involved to meet with consumer’s requirements, meanwhile directly facing some of the greatest challenges and competitions in the changing time of the country.