About Us

About Us

Sampar Oo was established in November 2011, as a local – renowned business unit for manufacturing, production, distribution and selling of Purified Drinking Water and Soft Drinks. Since the beginning we have been thriving in ShwePyiThar Yangon, servicing customers across the country. Striving for consistency in our products and efficiency in our business we take tremendous pride in customer service and our superior products. Sampar Oo invites you to experience the hydration of Sampar Oo water and refreshment of Sampar Oo Soft Drink.

We have implemented and operated an array of different bottling, filling and labeling machines of the best technologies made in Germany, Taiwan and China. These production machineries are all state of the art with stainless steel structure and fully automated.

All of our Sampar Oo products are manufactured in an ISO standard based sterilized environment which gives both our consumers and the company the confidence, safety, quality and good taste of our products.

Our Slogan “Taste & Feel The Difference“

Our Milestones

Year 2001

Singing Bird, a plastic manufacturing industry was established.

Year 2007

Renamed to Great Foundation.

Year 2011

Sampar Oo Industries Co., Ltd was established.

Year 2012

“Sampar Oo” purified drinking water brand was officially launced.

Year 2013

After a year from launching Sampar Oo purified drinking water, the company diversified its product and developed “Mingalarbar Water” which was co-brand drinking water.

Year 2014

“Sampar Oo” soft drinks was added to our product portfolio

Year 2015

Set up a world class innovative plastic manufacturing factory

Year 2016

New bottle design for “Samparoo Water”.

Year 2017

ALLDAY Energy Drink and MY JUICE Soft Drink was added to our product portfolio

Year 2018

We acquired ISO-9001-2015 & HALA Certificate. Quality control with FSSC System and use of DMS Software

Year 2019

Sampar Oo Drinking Water, Mingalarbar Drinking Water, ALLDAY Energy Drink , MY JUICE Soft Drink and Sampar Oo Soft Drink into new label design.

Year 2020

More future plan

Our Vision

  • To be the country’s most valued and trusted beverage brand
  • To preserve the nature form of water, taste, flavours and ingredients in manufacturing process.
  • An organization our consumers, investors and staffs are proud of.

Our Mission

  • To strengthen the organization’s brand position by predominantly emphasizing on the standards of quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and consumer interactions.
  • To enhance our presence in Myanmar beverage market.
  • To achieve 15% of the market share in drinking water and 20% in soft drink.


  • To exceed consumer’s expectations by manufacturing and delivering high-quality and trusted consumer products.
  • To use the best technology that has to offer and the most experienced teams.
  • To enhance and improve our employees’ performance and qualification.

No. 113, Kanaung Minthar Gyi Street, Zone (4) Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial Zone, Shwe Pyi Thar Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

(+95 1) 618 302, (+95 1) 618 307, (+95 9) 550 4808, (+95 9) 508 0512, [email protected], [email protected]

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