U Maung Maung Oo (Victor) Founder and Managing Director of Sampar Oo

The main business activity of Sampar Oo Company is to provide safe and reliable products to consumers. Being a local manufacturer in beverages since 2011, Sampar Oo company is well established and knowledgeable in this field. Besides, Sampar Oo always tries diligently corporate with other local beverage brands to build a strong sense of safe and reliable local beverage productsand to live up to the promise of the healthy beverages for consumers in Myanmar. Our consistency in both quality and reliability increases consumers’ confidence in ‘Made in Myanmar ‘beverages- especially the ones from Sampar Oo. All theinternal stake holders of the organization are actively involved to meet with consumer’s requirements, meanwhile directly facing some of the greatest challenges and competitions in the changing time of the country.

About Us

Established in 2010 in Yangon, Sampar Oo is one of Myanmar’s leading beverage brand owner, producing high quality pure water, mineral water, energy drink, fruit flavor drink and electrolyte drink.
We have built state-of-the-art production facilities and implemented all major international standards, in order to satisfy the growing demand by Myanmar consumers who are choosing to drink healthy and notorious.

We are dedicated to preserving the nature form of water, taste, flavor and ingredients in manufacturing process. We are also committed to improving our logistics network to be more widespread and efficient to provide our products to all parts of Myanmar. Over the years, Sampar Oo has focused on building world class operations based on principles of safety, profitability and solid governance to claim sustained growth. As part of our journey of moving towards being a World Class Company, we have strengthened our organization in terms
of Supply Chain, Infrastructure, Market Execution, People, Processes, Compliance, Governance and Route-to-Market. This approach has enabled us to build our portfolio through launching new packs and brands, coupled with a competitive pricing strategy based on a balance of value pricing and eliminating waste.

We are one of the few beverage plants in Myanmar to be fully certified with ISO 9001, FSSC 2200, HACCP and GMP by SGS. We recognized the importance of quality products to our consumers and our brands’ integrity.

Our Milestones

Year 2001

Bird, a plastic manufacturing industry was established.

Year 2007

to Great Foundation.

Year 2011

Oo Industries Co., Ltd was established.

Year 2012

Oo” purified drinking water brand was officially launced.

Year 2013

drinking water was developed

Year 2014

Oo” soft drinks was added to our product portfolio

Year 2015

up a world class innovative plastic manufacturing factory

Year 2016

bottle design for “Samparoo Water”.

Year 2017

Oo Launched new beverages brand ALLDAY Energy Drink & MY JUICE Soft Drink.

Year 2018

distribution network to nationwide

Year 2019

CAN, D Plus Electrolyte & Mineral water added to our product portfolio.

Year 2020

extent more beverage categories in Myanmar market